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General tools started as a general hardware manufacturing company, used to sell hard goods at wholesale prices. Over the decades, with new innovative ideas, they have also started to own new domains such as digital tests and measurement tools. They have a vast categorization of tools falling into the categories of hand tools, digital tools, and safety. General tools are examples of the exact tools and equipment needed to do the job right.  



Hand tools comprise of 

INSPECTION & RETRIEVAL TOOLS : for amateurs as well as professionals, the inspection and retrieval tools make it easy to see areas and retrieve objects that are hard to see and reach, respectively. As it includes lighted-unlighted, telescopic inspection mirrors and magnifiers as well as magnetic pickups.  


PRECISION MEASURING & MARKING : even the thought of not being able to measure is frustrating so a family of analog and digital calipers, micrometers, feelers, gauges, squares, and protractors bring precise angle and position for the hobbyists as well as the masters.  


PRECISION & SPECIALTY SCREWDRIVERS: find the right screwdriver for your job whether it is to offer precise torque, convenience, or a speed of rachet. General precision and specialty screwdrivers have the versatility of swapping different blades and bits of popular styles and sizes in a single handle.  


SPECIAL PURPOSE TOOLS: you need tools specially designed for a purpose. Ranging from pipe cutters and wrenches especially for the plumbers, punches, and scribers for the machinists, players, and files for mechanics, to knives and tweezers for the hobbyists.  


WOODWORKING TOOLS: all you will find here are jigs, drill accessories, wood pins, and plugs for your woodworking as an enthusiast or a pro.  


ANGLE-IZER® TOOLS: portable, lightweight angle-Izers solve your problems related to inaccurate cardboard templates as well as measuring the same angles repeatedly.  



Digital tools include  

LASER MEASURES : combining a laser with a tape measure is a great innovation, that lets you measure long distances quickly and accurately. With just a click of a button, it enables you to measure a room. 


VIDEO INSPECTION CAMERAS : video inspection cameras are available in categories like Wi-Fi, waterproof, industrial, flashlight, wireless, articulating, value, and compact for specific tasks such as inspection and security. 


ENVIRONMENTAL & AIRFLOW : the anemometers, pressure meters, water quality metrics, and weather stations let us calculate the amount of air or water and its movement.  


THERMOMETERS : range from DIY energy auditing to high-accuracy industrial temperature measurement thermometers available to choose from.  


MOISTURE-HUMIDITY : looking for a better option than thermometers, the RH monitors or moisture meters are better as they have more applications, in addition, to detecting hidden leaks.  


INSPECTION & CALIBRATION : as timers and stopwatches are for personal use, sound level meters and light level meters are for commercial and industrial applications as they can quantify hardness, thickness, light, sound, speed, vibration, torque, distance, and time.  



Their safety products are

HAWKEYE SAFETY PPE: a product line necessary to level up your protection at home and workplace, includes face Shields, face masks, and thermometers.  


GAS DETECTION: the must-have product line for professionals to keep them safe from any incident that happens due to gas leakages in extreme environments.  


CAR SAFETY: an emergency escape tool that is a seat belt cutter, window hammer, and flashlight. This tool can be attached to the seat belt and is available in a pack of assorted colors.  


Some tools out of all these are necessary to have for a professional, enthusiast, or amateur like measuring and inspection tools, detectors, screwdrivers, and thermometers. Therefore, our commercial website brings you a range of tools and equipment manufactured by general tools to satisfy your need to have products that work for you to get the job done right. 

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