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KPaul Industrial, a (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) and WD40 have partnered to provide you with Dependable, Effective Solutions for All Your Industrial Issues. WD40 offers a highly specialized tool that works well on gears, linkages, cables, and ball bearings and is suitable for use on metals, plastics, and even rubber. It creates no mess or drips and is made for excellent protection, making it a perfect choice. 

The WD40 product range includes Lubricants, Degreasers, Cleaners, and Removers that guard against Corrosion and Rust on your tools. WD40 has refined its products over time, and they now include several special qualities that safeguard your assets and work well in challenging settings. For more than 50 years, this blue and yellow has served as America's go-to solution for problems in the Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic realms. 



WD40 is often employed for: 

  • Extracting the moisture. 
  • Protecting hinge pins and points with lubrication. 
  • Cutting squeaks. 
  • It makes it simpler to remove nuts & bolts. 
  • Prevents rust and makes steel shiny. 
  • Removes crayon from surfaces. 
  • Removes gum from a range of surfaces. 
  • Supply binding lubrication and rust protection. 



Interesting Know How 

The name WD-40® is short for Water Displacement, 40th Formula. That is the name that the scientist who created the product in 1953 really used in his lab book. Norm Larsen, a chemist, was working on a formula to stop corrosion, which is carried out by displacing water. After 40 tries, Norm had refined the formula, proving his perseverance had paid off. 




-The WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a rare, one-of-a-kind mixture of lubricants. Additionally, anti-corrosion agents and chemicals for penetration, water displacement, and soil removal are included in the product's composition. 


-Because it offers a non-aerosol approach, WD-40® Trigger Pro® stands out as a unique product. It has a non-leaking bottle/trigger mechanism with two distinct spray patterns and the ability to dispense a few drops at a time. The curved can is more durable than competing plastic bottles, which are more likely to break when dropped. Additionally, it sells WD-40®, the most well-known brand name in the lubricant industry. 


-Beyond its flashpoint, WD-40® aerosol is believed to be flammable for several reasons. Tests for "flame extension" (the distance a spray will carry a flame) and "flashback" are needed for aerosols (whether the spray carries the flame back toward the user). WD-40® is classified as flammable since it does not have flashback but can carry a flame ahead. 


-A high-performance range of bicycle maintenance products called WD-40 BIKE® was created via cooperation between WD-40® Company scientists, qualified bike technicians, and independent cycling dealers. The WD-40 BIKE® range was created for cyclists who are maintenance-conscious. Wet and dry chain lubricants, a powerful degreaser, a foamy bike wash, and a frame protector are among the products available in the portfolio. 


-A series of top-notch maintenance solutions called WD-40® Specialist® was created specially to make it easier for you to complete jobs. For up to two years indoors and one year outdoors, use WD-40 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor to shield metal parts and stop rust from developing.  

Since its establishment in 2006, we have been an industrial products’ distributor of the greatest players in the market to offer the best deals. As we value our esteemed customers, the executives work hard to help you at each step during the purchasing process. The top-quality products you get on our commercial site is because of all the well-established partnerships, we have with our nationwide manufacturers to get you the right products at cost-effective prices. 

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