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Kpaul Industrial Supplying Smart gun care Solutions from Otis  


Kpaul industrial is an authorized partner with Otis Technology. Our well-established partnerships with nationwide manufacturers and distribution networks ensure that you get the right products and services quickly and at cost-effective prices. When you buy from a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business, you are helping America’s Armed Services heroes. Disabled in the line of duty, you provide gainful employment to those who have dedicated their all to the country. 


Otis is a proud and passionate gunsmith making the best use of their firearms. Since 1985, Otis has been constantly finding better ways to help you take better care of your firearms. They are trailblazers as they never settled and will not settle with age-old formulas. Otis is Americas Gun Care, and it was founded in Northern New York and has been manufacturing there since its beginnings. 



Otis has a varied product line up. They own OTIS & Shooter’s Choice, catalogs for Defense that include maintenance products, Law Enforcement catalog has Cleaning Kits & Accessories, shooter’s choice DRD tactical is quite different from rest of their catalogs. DRD Tactical is built on a passion for building handcrafted American made firearms and developing innovative solutions. Making each handcrafted rifle one at a time. The product offering expanded to include long distance sniper rifles, AR patterned rifles as well as machine guns. They have set a new standard for covert, concealable, and accurate firearms. DRD Tactical is Discreet, Reliable and Precise. 

In the process of caring for your firearms; cleaning, lubricating, and protecting are done. And to carry out these tasks Otis has a complete solution. They manufacture products of requirement at each step of the process until the last one. It is easy to clean your firearms with Otis Solvents whether it is a regular residue or a stubborn copper or lead. They also have Degreaser, scrubs, brushes, cleaning Kits, Lubricants, Universal Gun Cleaning Kits, and Sectional Rod Gun Cleaning Kits, Aerosols, Gun Cleaning Rods, Bore Brushes & Mops, and Jags, All-Purpose Brushes, Patches, and Shooting Accessories. They also have Lubricants such as inhibitors to safeguard your firearm metal. But cleaning should be done carefully as they fully understand the procedure, there are some guidelines that you must follow. 



Cleaning will get rid of any accumulation and reduce any shooting inaccuracies that can happen. When it comes to gun cleaning, Otis recommends the following precautions to take. Otis knows that sometimes even professionals can make mistakes while cleaning firearms. Therefore, being experienced is not something to boast about, one should always handle their firearms with care. 

  • Clean it after every time you use it. 
  • Make sure it is unloaded before cleaning 
  • Always ensure no ammunition is in the cleaning premises. 
  • Cleaning is even required when you are using it after a long time. The moisture, dirt, or some other residue prevents its correct operation. 

With regular cleaning and maintenance of your everyday carry, you significantly lower the risk of issues occurring with your firearm. Your gun becomes dirtier much faster when you carry it every day, dirt and sweat from it being holstered all day than hunting firearms, or firearms that are stored away. Cleaning will remove any buildup and will lower inaccuracies that could occur while shooting. 

Whether you carry it every day for your work, self-defense, or as an outdoor adventurer, you want your firearm to perform at its full capacity. And for that you need to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. 

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