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Metalworkers, woodworkers, Welders, and other specialists in the industrial field use Baldor Machinery for cutting, deburring, shaping, sharpening tungsten, eradicating rust, and sharpening mower blades. Buy Genuine Motors and Grinders KPaul Industrial at competitive prices. Know more about the products, the branding, how-to tutorials and guides, new product releases, and timely offers or discounts to save significantly on your pockets and keep informed by following our YouTube Channel.


Adherence to providing quality products to meet the needs of our customers is our key to abide by at kpaulindustrial. Being in alliance with BALDOR strengthens us in maintaining confidentiality and transparency while we fulfil our commitments with our clients as well as suppliers. We present to our clients a versatile range of articles that they require in their respective domains.

AC Motors

These machine tools are custom engineered to be applied to a range of industrial processes. It includes all the general-purpose machines, severe duty motors, farm duty, HVAC, definite purpose motors and what not. It lists multiple benefits such as efficiency, durability, the simplicity of design which makes them less acoustic, and the simple mechanism of ignition does not require any additional component for it to start. Thus, making it suitable for a range of manufacturing applications from general purpose to harsh environments. Further the list includes its different types:
  • General Purpose: The motors engineered for general purposes by Baldor are the Super E Motors that offer NEMA Premium efficiency. The modular design concept guarantees its implementation in various industrial applications.
  • Severe Duty: These heavy-duty motors are Super E designed motors that are energy efficient and provide protection against any sort of contamination. Severe Duty motors also offer better performance and precision in harsh laborious domains.
  • Washdown Duty: The comprehensive range of motors has additional features like an improved paint system, and shaft seals that make it a consumer-friendly product.
  • HVAC: The family of motors are available with internal shaft grounding systems making it fit for particularly demanding processes in various industrial applications.
  • Definite Purpose: The complete range of Definite purpose motors including single phase, three phase and synchronous motors are used in a wide variety of processing units in industrial platforms.
  • Custom AC Motors: Baldor designed custom motors are suitable to be mounted in a broad range of challenging environments meeting the expectations of our customers.
  • Marine Duty: As the name suggests, these are made to be used above or below the deck to withstand extreme conditions associated with marine applications.

Large AC Motors

The large induction motors are suitable for use not only in many commercial as well as industrial applications but even in hazardous locations. The various characteristic features offered by Large AC Induction motors include its proficiency, affordability, and minimal maintenance, it is easy to be mounted and can be mounted in rough constructions as well.
  • Large Induction Motors: With IEC configurations, enormous sized induction motors are perfectly capable of operating in every environment ranging from general to specific for trouble free operations.
  • Large Synchronous Motors: Synchronous motors are dynamically balanced to match the performance of the system and deliver cost efficiency. Baldor provides a condenser to meet the electrical requirements of the most demanding applications.

DC Motors

DC motors offer great dependability when implemented in the tough applications whether in commercial or industry. The high performance offered by the DC motors make them the right choice for its distinct users. It comes with an insulation system to omit any kind of hurdles limiting its performance to ensure trouble free operation.
  • Integral HP and RPM III The series of low voltage DC motors are wound field motors either a series or a compound one is available in both enclosed and open design.
  • Fractional and Permanent Magnet Baldor offers a DC motor lineup in varied sizes that are preferred by many customers because of its robustness, reliability, and ease of use.

Servo Motors

Servo motors are tailored to be implememted in applications such as cutting, wrapping, packaging and labelling for its durability and servo motors also comes with a high or low inertia options with winding options, feedback devices and gearheads to match.
  • AC Brushless Servo HDS Motors: HDS line of motors produce more torque and reduced cogging to deliver better performance and reliability in demanding commercial domains.
  • AC Brushless Servo N-Series Motors: These are the world's fastest machines that have a robust, durable design with high energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetics that offers greater performance in motion control processes.
  • Servo Gearboxes: The standard backlash in GBSM series is low, easy to be mounted in operational environments requiring fidelity, accuracy, resilience, and long trouble-free functioning.
  • AC Brushless Servo C-Series Motors: The BSM C-series is an excellent match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching. Thus, dependability has been used in equipment such as: machine tools, packaging, factory automation, material handling, food packaging, assembly lines, and many more.
  • BSM B-Series Motor: This motor offers an interchangeable design for machine design versatility that generates especially low clogging and pricing pressure. Mostly used in industries like Packaging, Medical and robotics.
  • AC Brushless Stainless Steel Servo Motors: The stainless-steel motors are designed for applications requiring washdown, and high hygiene motors in rigid corrosive manufacturing conditions. These are meant to be durable.

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